Earthborn Beautifully different paint

Earthborn paints are special. They do not believe you should have to sacrifice quality or style to protect your health or the environment. By carefully selecting ingredients and using technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations, they create outstanding products that prove their point. Earthborn provide stylish, high performance products that are safer to use and sound for the environment. Perhaps more importantly, it is not only what goes into a paint but also what comes out of it that matters. Their range include:

Claypaint Perfect for furniture, walls and ceilings because its very high clay content gives it a beautiful creamy consistency so it goes on like a dream and has a super matt finish. It is hard wearing, highly breathable and has no nasty smells.

Eggshell Perfect for painting your woodwork because it has a unique oil and acrylic free formulation that dries super quick to a silk sheen. It is non-yellowing and highly breathable. You don’t even need to use a primer.

Furniture Wax A clear wax for interior wood surfaces. Use over Earthborn Claypaint and create standout pieces.

Pigments Happily blended into any Earthborn interior or exterior paint to create your own unique shade of eco friendly paint.

Wall Glaze Provides a washable, protective glaze when applied on top of Earthborn Claypaint.

Earthborn Wood Stain Is the perfect way to add a semi transparent colour to your wood still allowing for the beautiful natural wood grain to show through.

Casein Paint Provides a soft matt finish that complements the interiors of older buildings in particular.

Casein Filler Environmentally friendly filler, providing effective, long lasting repairs on interior or exterior walls prior to painting.

Wallpaper Paste Earthborn water soluble Wallpaper Paste is both acrylic and solvent free.

Isolating Primer Wonderful for treating dry stains before overpainting with waterbased paints such as Earthborn Claypaint.

For more information on Earthborn and their produt range please visit is an official stockist for Earthborn paints. Please use the contact me page or email for any purchases.


david creates+44 7712

david creates+44 7712